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Fire Extinguisher Servicing With No Hidden Charges

As a company you have a legal obligation to maintain your fire-fighting equipment to protect you, your employees and the general public. At Safelincs we make the servicing of your fire extinguishers effortless and affordable with a clear pricing structure and no hidden costs.

Our BAFE certified service technicians will carry out your servicing in accordance with BS 5306 and provide you with all the relevant documentation.

Contact us now to book your extinguisher servicing on 0800 612 4827.

Extinguisher Servicing Package

Our comprehensive BAFE certified servicing package provides you with a combination of quality service and great pricing no matter where you are in the country.

All Service Packages Include

  • Visit by a BAFE certified engineer
  • Servicing of up to 5 fire extinguishers*
  • Servicing of up to 5 fire blankets*
  • All basic spare parts
  • No hidden charges

Standard Service

Your servicing will be booked in and completed within 2-4 weeks.

£95.00 ex VAT

£114.00 inc VAT

Priority Service

Your servicing will be booked in and completed within 5 working days.

£125.00 ex VAT

£150.00 inc VAT

*If you require servicing for more than 5 units please see our additional unit prices below.

Servicing Prices for Additional Units

Because your first 5 fire extinguishers AND first 5 blankets are included in your servicing package, any additional units that you would like us to look are charged per unit. The more units you have, the less you pay per unit.

Additional Unit Prices 1 - 10 Units 11 - 30 Units 31 - 49 Units 50 + Units
Fire Extinguishers
(Per Unit)

£12.29 ex VAT

£14.75 inc VAT

£8.19 ex VAT

£9.83 inc VAT

£7.39 ex VAT

£8.87 inc VAT

£6.49 ex VAT

£7.79 inc VAT

Fire Blankets
(Per Unit)

£2.60 ex VAT

£3.12 inc VAT

£2.60 ex VAT

£3.12 inc VAT

£2.60 ex VAT

£3.12 inc VAT

£2.60 ex VAT

£3.12 inc VAT

Appointment times are usually am/pm time slots. If you require a precise time slot (time +/- 1 hr) for our engineer's visit, there will be an additional "timed appointment charge" of £30.00 ex VAT.

Please note refilling of discharged extinguishers and the compulsory extended service / refill after 5 years are charged seperately in accordance with our servicing price guide.

See our full servicing price guide

How Much Will My Servicing Cost?

Tell us how many fire extinguisher and fire blankets you need servicing and we will calculate the total price.

Update Qty Update Qty
Servicing Cost

£95.00 ex VAT

£114.00 inc VAT

The cost of your fire extinguisher and fire blanket servicing is based on the information and quantities that you have provided.

Book Your Servicing Now

You can book your extinguisher servicing online using using the form below. Once you submitted the form you will be contacted by a member of our servicing team to arrange a suitable date for your servcing to take place.

Freephone 0800 612 4827
Direct Email Email Now Live Chat Available Now
0800 088 7309



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