Supply and Maintenance Contracts

Budget-Fire offers fully inclusive contracts for the supply, installation and annual maintenance of extinguishers. These contracts typically run 3 to 5 years and involve yearly payments. The following terms and conditions apply for these contracts only and are valid in conjunction with the written Rental and Maintenance Agreement:

Our Service

  1. Budget-Fire will carry out a free site survey to determine the correct type, number and location of any fire fighting equipment required. This survey can be carried out before or after the signing of the contract. If additional requirements are found at the survey and the contract is already signed, Budget-Fire will offer an updated contract to the customer.
  2. After signing of the contract, Budget-fire will commission and wall hang the fire fighting equipment (with identification signage) specified as a result of the site survey, in accordance to British Standards. If the fire extinguishers cannot be wall mounted then stands are available to purchase separately.
  3. All work is carried out by BAFE registered engineers employed by Safelincs Ltd, Budget-Fire’s parent company, or BAFE registered partner companies contractually bound to Safelincs whose work is co-ordinated and supervised by Budget-Fire and Safelincs.
  4. Changes to the customer’s premises or scope of business that could affect the suitability of the fire fighting equipment installed by Budget-Fire following the site survey must be notified to Budget-Fire by the customer and might require changes to the contract.
  5. The equipment shall remain the property of Budget-Fire during the course of the contract. The customer is responsible for the protection of the equipment against loss and damage.
  6. For the duration of the contract, Budget-Fire will maintain the fire fighting equipment in accordance to British Standards and will issue the customer with a maintenance certificate and engineers’ report after each service. This maintenance and any replacement parts required for the maintenance are included in the yearly rental fee. Not included in the contract is the replacement or repair of fire fighting equipment damaged maliciously or accidentally. These costs have to be paid by the customer in addition to the rental charges. These repair and replacement prices are published on
  7. Budget-Fire offers an emergency service with a 48 hour response time to replace or repair equipment used or damaged. Budget-Fire charges an additional call-out fee for this service.
  8. Budget-Fire will replace extinguishers used in a fire free of charge and within 48 hours, as long as the fire has been reported to the fire brigade. There is no extra call-out fee for this service.
  9. At the end of the contract, Budget-Fire will dispose of the fire fighting equipment if the customer so wishes and at no further cost. Alternatively, the customer has the option of keeping the equipment at the end of the contract at no extra cost.
  10. The Customers shall give every reasonable facility to Budget-Fire’s service engineers or agents to enable them to perform the actions required by the contract and in particular by assisting them in locating the equipment and having it readily available for servicing. Failure to allow access for Budget-Fire service engineers or agents on the agreed date will lead to additional call-out charges to be charged to the customer.
  11. During the term of this agreement, the fire fighting equipment must only be maintained or repaired by Budget-Fire’s service engineers or agents
  12. Although Budget-Fire will notify the customer of the installation and maintenance dates, these dates are estimates and not binding

Service Fees

  1. The first payment is due within 30 days of invoice date. The invoice is sent to the customer after the installation of the fire fighting equipment.
  2. The yearly rental fee is due within 30 days of invoice date. The invoice is sent to the customer after the maintenance has been carried out
  3. The yearly rental fee is fixed for the period of the contract. However, if the UK’s annual CPI inflation (Consumer Price Index Inflation) as stated by the Bank of England should rise above 3% in a year, Budget-Fire will be permitted to increase the yearly charges in line with inflation.
  4. Overdue payments give Budget-Fire the right to cancel all further services and to charge interest on outstanding amounts overdue at a rate of 3% per calendar month. Budget-Fire is also entitled to sue the customer for breach of contract and recover the overdue charges and interests.
  5. All prices shown in the contract are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be added on all invoices.


  1. The contract runs for the Duration as specified overleaf and is valid from the date of signing. The regular maintenance dates and the finishing date are calculated based on the actual installation date.
  2. The yearly rental and maintenance fee is calculated based on the number of years the customer wants the contract to run for. The fire fighting equipment and the initial outlay for installation etc is amortised over this contract period.
  3. The customer can cancel in writing at any point of time. Invoices due still have to be paid by customer after cancellation.
  4. If the customer cancels early, Budget-Fire will charge an early cancellation charge for the outstanding amortisation to the level described in the contract overleaf. Payment is due within 30 days of being invoiced for the cancellation charge. On payment of this charge, the customer receives ownership of the fire fighting equipment and can keep the fire fighting equipment or ask Budget-Fire to remove the products at no extra charge.

Limitation of Liability

  1. Budget-Fire shall not be liable for any defective equipment not of its own manufacture or for any direct or indirect loss, injury or damage caused by such equipment being defective.
  2. Budget-Fire can accept no liability for the status of any equipment not made available at the time of a scheduled visit.
  3. Budget-Fire shall not be liable for any loss, damage (consequential or otherwise), or injury whatsoever, attributable wholly or in part to the acts, omissions or negligence of the customer or its employees in the storage, siting or use of the equipment.
  4. Fire extinguishers are pressurised vessels and must not be tampered with, opened or heated. Budget-Fire shall have no liability for any damage caused by the customer’s failure to observe these warnings.


  1. The agreement is subject to and governed by English law and the parties shall submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.
  2. Budget-Fire may from time to time notify the customer in writing that it proposes to alter this Agreement giving details of the proposed change.