All businesses, most organisations and HMOs are required to carry out annual servicing of their fire extinguishers. To complete this work in accordance to the relevant BSI standards the work must be carried out by a competent person. A competent person is defined as someone who has completed the necessary training and experience, with access to the relevant tools, equipment, information manuals and knowledge of any special procedures recommended by the manufacturer of the extinguisher to carry out the relevant maintenance procedure.

BSI has regulated the yearly servicing of extinguishers in BS5306 Part 3. The refilling of foam, powder and water extinguishers after 5 years is described in BS6643 Part 1.

Our servicing engineers are working to these standards and are all BAFE certified.

Please note that we also offer a range of self-maintenance extinguishers from Britannia which do not require a visit by servicing engineers. These extinguishers are guaranteed for ten year, do not require a refill after five years and only require visual inspection be the owner or a representative.