Have you got a carbon monoxide alarm?

As winter approaches heating systems and appliances are being fired up all over the country.  It’s time to consider whether you are taking all the necessary precautions against carbon monoxide poisoning.

Around 50 people a year die from the effects of carbon monoxide and many more are hospitalised. By taking the right precautions most of these could be avoided.

Firstly, we would urge people to have their gas boilers and any other fuel burning appliances regularly serviced and chimneys swept. Then get a carbon monoxide alarm installed. This is important even if you have carried out all the necessary maintenance.  There even have been incidences where poisonings have occurred when the deadly gas has seeped in from an adjoining property.

As we do our best to keep our energy bills down homes have much better insulation and draught protection. Remember though that while this keeps the cold out it will also keep any deadly fumes in.

Fitting a CO alarm will give you the peace of mind that you and your family will be safe this winter. Just ensure that you follow the instructions, test it in line with the instructions and make sure you replace the battery when required.

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