Squirrels, cute and cuddly or serious contributers to house fires?

A Surrey pest control company, Cleankill Pest Control, has warned home owners to be vigilant for signs of squirrel infestation in lofts.

This rodent finds its way into loft spaces and makes nests there, chewing through electrical cables and roof joists. The company warns that squirrels are very determined rodents and once they have earmarked a loft for nest building are very difficult to evict.

The company claims that March is the onset of a surge of calls to help deal with squirrel infestations in their area. If there are squirrels in your neighbourhood, look for any signs of nesting. Damaged electrical cables can cause a fire, resulting not only in damage to the property but also endangering lives.

To read the full story follow this link: http://www.info4fire.com/news-content/full/squirrels-to-blame-for-serious-house-fires